Domaine Dalmeran : In the land of olive trees for olive oil of Baux de Provence

In the land of olive trees

Olive oil -around 1000 olive trees planted on the estate give a savoury, fruity deep green, extra virgin olive oil with an acid level of Jessthan 1% for a perfect balance between aroma, taste and colour.


Rich in mono-saturated acids, antioxidants and vitamins, this oil is ideal for a healthy diet and a refined gastronomie cuisine.


We offer two varieties: a pressing from ripe, black Dalmeran olives with a peppery tang and one from younger green Dalmeran olives which is smooth and refined

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  • Fruité Vert (Vierge Extra) and Fruité Noir (A.O.C. Baux de Provence)
  • Bottles of 50 cl